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Our Strategy

Our strategy

Gear4music’s strategy is built around three pillars of growth:

E-commerce Excellence

  • Continually evolve platform
  • Refine digital marketing
  • Build customer trust
  • Improve efficiency & productivity

"We will continue to develop our proprietary e-commerce platform to drive website traffic, increase conversion rates and maximise operational efficiencies. We’ll use our bespoke technology, rich content and digital marketing initiatives to extend our reach into new and existing territories, and build customer trust by delivering a first-rate customer experience. We have some very exciting new developments planned for FY21 and FY22." 

International Expansion

  • Territory-specific websites
  • Regional procurement operation
  • Localised customer experience 
  • Improved delivery options

"We continue to develop and improve our customer proposition in each of the territories we operate. We’ll achieve this by further localising our websites to drive traffic and improve conversion, enhancing our multilingual customer service teams, expanding our international buying teams, and refining our delivery options to increase speed and convenience."

Supply Chain Evolution

  • Continuous product range extension
  • Seek margin enhancing opportunities
  • Accelerate own-brand development
  • Evolve logistics capability

"We will continue to extend our product ranges with a focus on margin enhancing opportunities, and we will leverage our international buying teams to widen our procurement options. Further development of our highly successful own-brand ranges will remain a priority, dealing directly with factories and manufacturers to gain competitive advantage. A highly specialised purchasing team, combined with our market leading European distribution capability and bespoke e-commerce platform makes our business entirely unique."