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Customer Overview

Gear4music’s customer base is primarily made up of private individuals (over 96%), from beginners and parents buying musical instruments and music equipment for their children, through to professional musicians. The Group also supplies schools and other educational establishments and a small number of trade accounts.

On 31 March 2023 we had 1.65m million people registered to receive our email communications, up 29% from 1.28m at 31 March 2022, and 0.98m at 31 March 2021.

Active customers of 0.86m (being customers who have purchased from Gear4music during the previous 12 months), are down 6% on FY22 (0.92m). The Group acquired a further 0.74m new customers in the period (FY22: 0.79m), and 0.17m customers returned to place at least one follow-up order (FY22: 0.17m).

Average order value of £150 was up on FY22 (£125) reflecting cost price inflation and as relatively more, higher priced other-branded products were sold.