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Our strategy

Gear4music’s strategy is built around the four pillars of growth:

International Expansion

We continue to develop and improve our customer proposition in each of the territories we operate. We’ll achieve this by localising our websites to drive traffic and improve conversion, expanding our multilingual customer service and marketing teams, and where the business case supports it by opening small distribution centres to improve delivery options and cut delivery times.

Accelerated Development of the Bespoke Ecommerce Platform

Our websites are driven by a bespoke and proprietary ecommerce platform, designed to maximise opportunities and deliver competitive advantage. It has the capacity to handle significantly increased volumes, and the capability to expand into new markets.

Bringing software development in-house helps deliver the future cost-effective investment in platform development required to grow revenues and profitability. Investment enables us to respond to changing customer behaviours and expectations, by rapidly developing new features and functionality to drive website traffic, increase conversion rates and maximise operational efficiencies and reliability.

Intelligent Marketing

We will continue to invest in international marketing initiatives, extending our reach and penetration into existing and new international territories. New website content is constantly being added, including broadcast quality product demonstration videos created in Gear4music’s in-house studio facilities.

A digital personalisation platform has been deployed and will continue to be developed and refined in FY18 to ensure customers receive relevant information and offers through all communication channels.

Supply chain development

We will widen our supply chain reach to include purchasing inventory in different countries and currencies, whilst at the same time consolidating where possible and dealing directly with factories and manufacturers.

We will continue to extend the number of products available to our customers, including those for next day delivery, and to continue the expansion of our own-brand product ranges with new and exclusive products.