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Gear4music (Holdings) plc

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How We Work

How we work

We believe a successful ecommerce business requires a unique combination of talented staff, excellent products, efficient systems, robust physical operations and reliable delivery partners.


We have a strong, committed and experienced management team, working alongside passionate staff with an in-depth knowledge of their specialist area of focus.


Our own-brand product ranges have taken over 12 years to develop, working with the best manufactures from around the world ensure we build on our reputation for great quality at affordable prices. In addition, we have built strong relationships with the industry’s biggest brand names, including Yamaha, Roland, Fender and more.


We operate from a 135,000 square feet headquarters in York, which includes offices, a showroom and warehousing.


Our bespoke and proprietary ecommerce platform is an end-to-end solution covering all aspects of retail operations, including website content, inventory management, multi-currency pricing, logistics and dispatch, CRM, automated marketing, purchasing, customer receipts and management reporting.

We believe this platform is a cornerstone of our business and source of competitive advantage, delivering reliability, scalability and unique functionality, and we have a team of dedicated programmers constantly improving our systems with new features and functionality.


Reliable delivery with competitive pricing is fundamental to our proposition and success. Our ecommerce platform is configured to select the most cost-effective delivery options from our six different delivery service providers, to provide our customers with a class-leading range of delivery options.